Weather in Malta

If you know anything about Malta, you’ll know that it boasts beautiful sunshine and warm weather for a large portion of the year. So, it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular holiday destination. This is to do with its Mediterranean climate, meaning that summers tend to be very hot and very dry. However, you’d be wrong to assume that the weather in Malta is perfect throughout the year. Winter in Malta can be wet and windy, thanks to its close proximity to the sea. Though many people do still choose to visit Malta at this time of year, the weather is vastly different to that experienced in the summer.

Seasons in Malta

As is the case with most Mediterranean climates, Malta has four main seasons; spring, summer, autumn and winter. However, none of these seasons bring with them extreme weather. Whereas some countries have hugely contrasting climates in different seasons, Malta does not. Summer brings with it sunshine, high temperatures and warmth. Winter brings with it cooler temperatures, some rainfall and winds.

Average Temperatures and Rainfall in Malta

The temperature in Malta does change as the seasons change, with the yearly average being around 20 degrees Celsius. This ranges from an average of 13 degrees Celsius in January and the winter months, to highs of 31 degrees Celsius in July and August. As you can see, though there is a great difference, the temperature in Malta rarely becomes too hot or too cold. For those who live in much colder climates, Malta can provide a warm escape.

In terms of rainfall, Malta receives most of its rain during late autumn and early winter. It does rain during the winter months but you’ll still find to do on a rainy day in Malta. However, this is still relatively low compared to many other countries. Malta has around 60mm of rainfall each year, a lot of which comes from thunderstorms and showers. Though it’s not entirely impossible, Malta rarely experiences much rainfall during the summer.

One of the great things about the weather in Malta is that there’s no real risk of anything too extreme, such as freak snow storms or heat waves; it can be windy at times especially during a thunderstorm. It’s relatively easy to predict what each season will bring.